By Samantha Jungheim & Eric H. Roth

How do we know what our students already know about edtech tools? Should we, perhaps, ask them?

What about holding conversations with our English students about their prior experiences in English classes and edtech tools too?

By Samantha Jungheim

Should you pursue a MAT-TESOL degree or simply earn a TEFL certificate?

Depending on your career goals both options are viable! However, a master’s degree versus a 100-200 hour certificate have very different price tags attached.

By Eric H. Roth & Samantha Jungheim

Can you tell your life story in a positive light? What have you achieved so far? What are you working on? What are your life goals?

By Samantha Jungheim & Eric H. Roth

During the COVID-19 era, English teachers and English Language Learners (ELLs) have frequently sought factual information to better understand the evolving news...

By Samantha Jungheim & Eric H. Roth

Where do you find real world content to bring into your classroom? How do audio stories help your students learn? How do you teach multiple skills simultaneously?

By Samantha Jungheim & Eric H. Roth

“The classroom should be an entrance into the world, not an escape from it”

John Ciardi (1916-1986), American poet and translator

Do you teach English students abroad? Are you educating young adults looking to study in the United States? Or teaching English to adults already located in the States? How do you prepare students to succeed in American high schools and colleges?

By Samantha Jungheim & Eric H. Roth

How do you help prepare your English students to enter the workforce? How can you introduce authentic texts in your English classroom when teaching resume writing? What career resources can you use to support your English students?

Writing a one-page resume can prove challenging for many non-native speaking students. Condensing experiences onto a single page may seem daunting. What should be included? What should be excluded?