Academic Oral Skills Samples

Table of Contents

Lesson Plan Infographic

Below is an infographic that visually represents a lesson from the above "Unit Plan for Advanced Speaking Course". This lesson features a B-D-A strategy and uses social justice objectives. The infographic was made in Adobe Spark.

Advanced Oral Skills Lesson Presentation

Below is an Google Slides presentation, titled "Connecting the Dots Describing Infographics in Oral Presentations" created to support university international students in a non-credit English Language course. This presentation aided students in preparing for their capstone oral presentations.

Website Version-Roth & Jungheim_ALI 254 Week 11_Describing Infographics in Oral Presentations

The presentation breaks down complex ideas into simple steps. The lesson also taps into prior knowledge by referencing the concepts from the class textbook "TED Talks: The Official Guide to Public Speaking" by Chris Anderson.

Data Commentary Conversation Worksheet

Below is an Google Doc collaborative worksheet, titled "Data Commentary Conversation Worksheet" created as an Zoom breakout room activity for the above lesson "Connecting the Dots Describing Infographics in Oral Presentations". This worksheet aided students in preparing for their capstone oral presentations. It also includes vocabulary and extension activity where students can post on the Blackboard LMS Discussion Board.

Website Version- ALI 254: Data Commentary Conversation Worksheet

This unit plan highlights academic and professional oral skills needed when giving a speech in English. The lesson caters to diverse learners at the university level. Notable examples originates from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech and Chris Anderson's TED talk on public speaking.

Website Version- Advanced Speaking Unit Plan- S.Jungheim.docx

This document shows the process of gradual release for the above unit plan. By viewing the "Unit Plan for Advanced Speaking Course" (above) and the "Advanced Gradual Release Model" simultaneously one can see a clear scaffolding and differentiation in the unit plan.

Website Version- Advanced Speaking Gradual Release Model_S.Jungheim.docx